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The Tourists offer various dynamic packages carefully crafted to suit your needs the best. Want to experience a magical time in the magical lands of Pakistan? We are here to make it possible for you, from beginning to end.We work on the tiniest details to perfection, to provide you leisure as you capture the profound essence and joy of an adventure. 

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Step into the Heaven on Earth. Let yourselves be completely mesmerised by the scenic beauty, awed by the architectural excellency of Baltit and Altit Fort, and warmed by its wholesome traditions!


Soar into one of the most striking destinations of Pakistan. Skardu, the embodiment of natural winter beauty; marked by waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, cold desert, Skardu Fort and the gorgeous Shangrila resorts! 


Love is in the air; wonder is in the atmosphere at Pakistan’s most popular tourist spot, with its Victorian style picturesque natural beauty paired with Siri Paye lakes.

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